Snowy Plains sled dogs are mostly Alaskan huskies, sometimes described as a mutt, highly bred for running and pulling.  Past generations of Snowy Plains dogs ran the Midnight Run, Jack Pine 30, Tahquamenon, CopperDog, and other Upper Peninsula of Michigan sled dog races.  The dogs' ancestors have competed in the Iditarod, Yukon Quest, UP200, and other distance events.  Snowy Plains sled dogs are sweet, affectionate and gentle.  Each has a unique personality.
Snowy Plains dogs are housed in spacious pens with plenty of room for exercise and play.  Those that enjoy company have a compatible roommate.  The dogs are regarded as family members.  Dogs' quarters are heated during winter. The dogs range in age from one to geriatric.
The dogs of Snowy Plains have inspired Jackie Winkowski to write numerous stories over the years and more recently a series of Sled Dog Picture Books.

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