Welcome to Snowy Plains Kennel, where we specialize in an introduction to dog sledding and dog sled rides of one to six miles. Sharing the magic of dog sledding in a location just minutes from the city of Marquette in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Each passenger receives a small made-in-Michigan keepsake gift. After the rides, at at no extra charge, passengers have the option to hike or snowshoe to our lovely Enchanted Christmas Tree; children can try out our Finnish kicksled and/or child-size handcrafted dogsled. Digital photos of your experience will be emailed. Call or email for more information.

Payments for rides can be made through PayPal - please click for instructions

DogSledding Prices
Prescheduling necessary; prices/offerings subject to change

1 to 3 Mile Rides
$160 total per visit of 1 hour, including harnessing and taking out a team for a ride/rides. Covers 1 to 4 people (more if small children). Fewer people = longer rides.
Special price for 2 smaller children riding in 1 sled: $85 total
(Although unlikely, any additional time required to provide above rides will be at a pro-rated cost)

Extended Rides
$225 per couple for an Extended Ride, including optional Driving a Team

To Dinner or Lunch for Two by Dogsled
"An enchanting, memorable experience"

Summer or Fall Tour
$15 per Person

Instructions for making ride deposits through Paypal
(Please call to make arrangements before making a deposit)

Please go to Paypal and send money to account

Link to Paypal: Paypal.com click on the Send Money Tab

In the Subject Field please write Sled Dog Deposit
In the
Message Field please list your contact information and the pre-arranged dates of your visit